AneFill is a fast-growing and innovation-oriented company that produces high-tech equipment for the beverage and other liquid filling industries.

In addition to its own development and production, the company offers comprehensive solutions for the beverage industry, ranging from design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance to technological upgrades.

We fully customise the equipment and services to meet the demands and desires of the customers, seeking the best possible solution in terms of the reliability and precision of the equipment, ease of handling or maintenance as well as the cost perspective (energy and workforce).

Beverage filling machine


Filling Machines


  • ­­Filling into different types of containers on the same machine (bottles, cans, PET…)

  • Filling of different products on the same machine

  • Option of filling in ultra-clean or aseptic versions

  • Capping with different types of caps on one or more capping heads.

Process Equipment

Flash Pasteuriser
CIP System





Service and upgrades

With years of industry expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions to optimise and maintain your beverage production processes. From routine maintenance to advanced upgrades, our team of skilled technicians ensures your equipment operates at peak performance, maximising efficiency and product quality.


With a focus on efficiency and innovation, we design cutting-edge layouts that optimise production processes, enhance productivity and that ensure seamless operations for our clients’ bottling and filling facilities. Our dedicated team of industry experts collaborates closely with clients to deliver customised layouts tailored to their specific needs, thereby enabling them to achieve higher throughput and superior product quality while reducing operational costs.

Spare parts

We specialise in efficiently delivering high-quality spare parts for both new and existing machines used in the production and packaging of beverages. Our dedicated team ensures timely and reliable distribution, helping our clients minimise downtime and maximising operational efficiency.

R&D projects

We offer end-to-end services, from conceptualisation to execution, to bring innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Our team of experts collaborates with beverage companies to design, prototype and manufacture state-of-the-art equipment that enhances production efficiency, improves quality and drives industry advancements.With a strong focus on research and development, we are committed to delivering customised and sustainable solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients in the dynamic beverage sector.

Anefill Machines
Dana d.o.o. is considered a highly flexible and innovative company in its sector. This is confirmed by the prestigious Innovation of the Year 2024 award we have just received for our innovative products in the soft drinks group.  In our search for advanced technological processes for our products, we recognised Anefill's innovation, high technological know-how, flexibility and key target orientation.Anefill's state-of-the-art glass packaging and can production line with all the advanced technological solutions was the right answer to our expectations. Professionalism, excellent understanding of process technology, product quality, advanced automation, dedication and responsiveness distinguish the Anefill team.Their solutions to line flexibility were key reasons for our decision.  After the first year of operation and experience on the line, we have proved that, together with Anefill, it is possible to go beyond the conventional filling technology, a fact that has been recognised by our customers and competitors.We could only do this with a team like Anefill.
Mitja Majzelj
Production Manager at Dana d.o.o.


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